FW48 – Mila Dining Table


Double mirrored Live-Edges Teak


Wood from East Java, Indonesia


The Mila Dining table is created from the rare Teak wood in a two mirrored hardwood slab, 5,5 cm solid thickness, mounted on a black powder coated steel frame.

The slab’s natural curl and figure is accentuated by butterflies joints, for both integrity and aesthetics.

Our large wood slabs are milled and come from sustainable harvested trees. Like diamonds, not two slabs are the same – grain, color and the natural characteristics are different which makes each piece unique.

After harvesting, the wood slabs are kiln dried to strengthen, prevent splitting and conditioned it to the required moisture content.

Each piece is handcrafted to obtain the unique finishing, signed and numbered with a series number.

NB: Prices can variate depending of the dimension on the width. Price are incl. a standard powder coated steel frame (U-form). The frame in the photo has a additional cost.