FORMEL WOOD was founded in 2014. We are a Danish design & furniture brand which is dedicated to create sustainable, eco-conscious, socially responsible designs and furniture based on handmade craftsmanship.


”I wanted to launch a brand that has a strong vision to create timeless, unique and beautiful design based on an ethical business strategy. FORMEL WOOD combines exclusive furniture & lighting with working methods that support local people, traditional woodworking techniques and the environment”. – Jacob W. Jeberg, CEO & Founder.  

Life of the Tree

FORMEL WOOD considers the way of the tree essential to life. They are an important part of our society. They create a peaceful and aesthetic environment, which increases the quality of our daily life.


Trees are both beautiful and magnificent in their own way. Like diamonds, not two trees are the same – grain, color and the natural characteristics are different, which makes each furniture from FORMEL WOOD unique.


FORMEL WOOD’s philosophy is “design, quality and sustainability must go hand in hand.” It is important to respect the nature of the wood, the value in our environment, exploit its full potential and functionality, but also remember to give back to “mother nature” in the form of replanting trees. This way, we create ethically value as we support the environment and help keeping the nature moving.



FORMEL WOOD was founded on a strong belief: great craftsmanship and small scale production could go hand-in-hand to provide customers with high-quality furniture at a reasonable price.


Today, we continue to build on this simple but strong idea. We combine traditional woodworking techniques to produce furniture of lasting value.


We explore materials and productions methods that are friendly towards “mother earth” without compromising on the design aesthetic. Some products are made entirely by hand using only simple tools.


FORMEL WOOD’s mission is to play an important part in the continuous renewal of furniture design. Working together with our specialized local craftsmen in Java and Bali, they have all placed their unique, artistic signature on the map of our handcrafted furniture.